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Page history last edited by Mashi 5 years, 11 months ago

Games Played:

Lantern Keeper (Wolf) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=2293.0

My first game here.  I still remember rather distinctly that my partners were askalice23 and SuperRiolu (who was new to the game).  I was unfamiliar with all the Players, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  My fatal mistake this game was defending my partners too much and making it conspicuous that I was defending Wolf partners.  I made it to the last Phase, in which only the Lantern Keeper (jake3343) and a Human (SuperFireKirby) were the only people remaining, so the winner was essentially decided by jake3343 as the third party, so I'm somewhat proud of how I did.

Beyond Azincourt (Fleur de Lis) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=2444.0

Wolfed Night 1.  The End.

The Second Great Fairy War (Human) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=2476.0

Wolfed Night 3.  I remember helping Nakah with something involving lynching askalice23 (who we discovered was the Brutal Wolf) and trying to have him Brutal me.  Didn't work out, unfortunately, and Nakah was brutaled. :(

??? (Human) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=2833.0

Humans were inactive and I false claimed Seer so that the Wolves would wolf me and for the Seer to survive.  The End.

Perils of Saffron (Human) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=3192.0

Said a bunch of frivolous things Night 1 in which I entreated not to be wolfed in order to not be wolfed.  It worked (though, at the cost of garnering suspicion from everyone, but I was able to push that away) and so the saga of me trying to never be wolfed began!  askalice23 attempted to take advantage of my suspicious behaviour and in doing so, I was able to find evidence incriminating him, eventually leading to his lynch the following Day Phase (and he was the Master Wolf, so that was neat!).  Prior to that, however, we lynched SuperFireKirby (Wolf) from luck more than anything.  We lynched drpamplemousse Day 3 and, on Day 4, at a loss towards whom to vote for, I trusted Jub3r7's suspicion of ETFROXX (along with Dude), who was a Wolf, and won the game.

Duos (Wolf) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=3313.0

This game was unbalanced.  The Humans made a simple alliance and found all the Wolves through process of elimination.

Adelaide's Impetuous Adventures of Inanity in the Microcosm of Our World Through Falling Into Her Boudoir Mirror (Herring) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=3456.0

I led a poor lynch on Universe-X Day 1, but it eventually led me to find incriminating evidence against Dude, who I caught PMing, and Wrydryn, who defended.  We lynched Dude Day 2 and I was wolfed Night 3, but the Humans rightfully lynched Wrydryn and later shadowkirby and we won.  I was also seered Blue by the alliance Night 2, but that's superfluous, I suppose.

Frivolous Times 9 (Host) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=3749.0

Mind Games (Master Wolf) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=3683.0

Don't remember much about this game except that Humans were inactive and I was able to lead lynches to win very easily.

A Lesson in Etiquette (Wolf) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=3796.0

Another game marked by rampant inactivity on the Human side.  I don't remember my partner, so I think I soloed the game.  I was lucky when MaestroUGC (Oracle) oracled the Vigi and was able to win at the end of the game after wolfing whom I suspected was the Reviver (Dude) and Phantoms on the Human team.

Theatre (Host) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=3926.0

Manhunt (Host) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4003.0

Sauce Is Pretty Coll (Host) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4025.0

Doctor Who (Miller) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4105.0

All I remember was being seered Red and then beign Insta'd before I even had a chance to post.  I was very indignant.

Trick of the Trade (Host) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4134.0

Pokemon Black and White (Herring) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4191.0

I was really lazy in this game.  I just let vermilionvermin, Bird, and Wrydryn do all the work.

End of Zee Waurld (Human) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4244.0

davy became suspicious of me Day 1 for reasons that I forget (though, I recall them being frivolous) and I ended up dying from a KitB between him and me.  The Wolves dominated the rest of the game, which quickly become inactive.  SuperFireKirby (Host) became occupied with problems occurring in his personal life, so I had to eventually take over hosting the game.

Just Another Sburb Session (Hero of Heart) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4336.0

Probably my worst Human performance on the forum.  I erroneously led a lynch on gzgregory (a Role equivalent to the Reviver).  Although that led me to suspect an actual wolf (Raymondbl), whom I was able to KitB (though, I wanted to actually lynch him), it also strengthened my belief that spitllama (a Role that was a Wolf) was a Human.  I was vigi'd later on (because people suspected me for being a Wolf with spitllama) and spitllama was able to win the game.  Despite my terrible performance, I was still impressed by spitllama's performance and give him my accolades.

I Want To Be A Princess (Host) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4404.0

Minecraft (Miller) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4526.0

A game which I felt went completely wrong for its mechanics and the play of the Human team in general.  Though by mistake, the_last_sheikah (Host) made painting permanent instead of a Phase long, which essentially ruined all strategies we had in the game.  jake (Seer) also attempted to lynch me for a Red seering and made no claims publicly towards why, so I had no choice but to false claim Seer in order for him to claim Seer and reveal his true reasons for suspecting me.  I then discussed a seering plan with him soon afterwards.  Our seering plan (in which we announced who was seered and then seered another Player) became useless when jake (Seer) told the plan to MaestroUGC (Infective Wolf).  Kman96's failure to defend himself as Human also exacerbated the situation, since he obfuscated davy's Role as Wolf Painter (though, I admit that I probably should have realised that Kman96 was Human based on his Human behaviours in past games).  jake was infected and then won the game with his vigi Item.

Professor Layton (Human) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4648.0

I failed the puzzles because I tried doing them in my head and didn't use papers.  I led a lynch on spitllama (Wolf Painter), who counterclaimed Seer to FSM (Seer) Day 1.  MaestroUGC (Human) then pushed for a lynch for shadowkirby (Master Wolf) for reasons that I didn't support.  However, in the end, I capitulated and voted shadowkirby (especially to Insta and avoid Phantoms).  I was then wolfed Night 3 (something that I had anticipated), but was not guarded by Wrydryn (Guardian) because he had no Internet access where he was located at the time.  MaestroUGC (Human) led a lynch on Jub3r7 (Wolf) and we won the game.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Human) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4724.0

I was really lazy this game.  After a fiasco with vermilionvermin (Human) suspecting me (for reasons that I think were completely ridiculous), we eventually agreed to lynch SlowPokemon (Human) at the eleventh hour.  I voted for SlowPokemon, but vermilionvermin, however, deciding not to risk a lynch, voted for Dude (Wolf).  I too, deciding that SlowPokemon was Human at the last second, changed my vote to Dude seconds after the Phase was stated to end.  After arguing with SlowPokemon (who insisted that he be dead), I was able to convince Jub3r7 that my vote change should be legal due to precedents of votes being counted before the Phase Update post but after the original Phase Update time.  Afterwards, I was lazy and voted for vermilionvermin's suspicion of the_last_sheikah (Human), despite my disagreement with the lynch.  vermilionvermin was then wolfed and I was forced to take the leader Role for the Humans.  I acted upon my suspicion of MaestroUGC (who had been sounding alarms for quite a while into the game by that time) and he acquiesced.  He later revealed that the wolfings were decided by random.org and we became acquainted after the game's end and are now friends who frivolously race in Mario Kart Wii.

And everyone lived happily ever after.  The End.  I expect that whatever the happiness follows, however, won't occur anytime soon!

Time For A History Lesson (Franklin D. Roosevelt - Guardian) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4772.0

Pretty much did nothing while vermilionvermin (Alexander the Great - Human) found all the Wolves.  When he died, I lynched them and trolled the Wolves.  It was pretty fun.

Snakes On A Plane (Cool Guy) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4813.0

Failed this one.  vermilionvermin (Wolf) dominated everything from Day 1, to be honest.  Terrible performance on my part.

Gotta Lynch 'Em All (Human) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=4894.0

Hardly remember this game, but apparently, we won, so yaaay.

The Pokemon League (Wolf) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=5039.0

I remember participating in shenanigans with the Pokemon I caught.  That's about it, but we won, so weee.

Have It Your Way (Master Wolf) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=5214.0

Standard game in which vermilionvermin (Wolf) and I were on the same Team and I let him do all the work.

Red vs. Blue (Seer) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=5412.0

I forget this game too.

The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya (Human - TWG Waluigi) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=5555.0

All the King's Men (The Prince)(Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=5597.0

Game of Wolves (Davos Seaworth - Baratheon) (Loss) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=5625.0

TWG L: Zombies! (Totem Guy) (Loss) - rip

The Choice Is Doors (Wolf) (Win) - http://www.ninsheetm.us/smf/index.php?topic=5682.0

This game was very frivolous.  My teammates, FireArrow (Wolf) and The_Subjective_Thought (Wolf), did a good job communicating with me throughout the game, despite the difficulties in communicating caused by the Doors Mechanic.  They deserve some applause for dealing with my shenanigans.  We made no wolfings save for one on Night 3, in which we wolfed Bird, the only threat to us.  After that, we had the Humans in the palm of our claws.  fank009 told FireArrow and me that he and Olimar12345 were Masons (and FireArrow was able to even dupe Bird into believing that he himself was a Mason!), so from there, with the two most important Humans backing us, it was smooth sailing.

TWG LVI: Silence Will Fall (Herring) (Win) - I won this apparently???

TWG LVIII - The Boy's Forest of Tears (Box Keeper 5) (Win) - how many games have i even played
TWG LIX: SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Millwright- TWG Link) (Loss) - ????????
TWG 60: 2fool4skool - (Human) (Loss) - ?????????????????????????????????????

TWG 61: We have always been at war with Eurasia - (Human) (Loss) - i remember this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 TWG 63: Second Chances - (Wolf) (Loss) - four wolves died by the end of night 2 rip

TWG 65: Haunting Spirits (Seer) (Loss)

TWG 66: Dustbowl Dustbowl: Now with Weather (Human) (Loss)

TWG 67: The Werewolf Game? More Like The Werewolf DEAD!!! Host

TWG 69: You Were Expecting A Sexual Innuendo, But It Was I, Dio!!! Host



Games Hosted: 8

Human Win/Loss Ratio: 12:14

Wolf Win/Loss Ratio: 5:4

Overall Win/Loss Ratio: 17:18



blueflower999: An average Player who's improving quite a bit.  I have a feeling that he'll find a game in the future to shine and be the star of his team.

Bubbles7689: Bibbles impressed me during her first game so much so that I, for a moment, pondered whether Bubble Bobble truly wasn't new to TWG.  Georgette understands new concepts quite well and has proven to be a precocious Human so far.  Soapy is certain to be a Player I hope to see playing more games in the future.

davy: A Player, whom I feel, is somewhat underrated at NSM.  Not only does he play through the difficulties of his time zone and language barrier, but he also plays with unconventional strategies that often work (though, they sometimes have a few drawbacks) and can rile the game up, creating activity that facilitates Wolf catching.  I'm sure that if his being on the other side of the world and learning English as a second language were removed as fetters, such drawbacks would  be removed and he would certainly be a Player to fear.

Dude: The armchair detective of TWG!!!  When he puts forth an effort, Doodle actually performs quite well!  Unfortunately, he's taken to becoming inactive. :(

FSM-Reapr: A new Player who takes on an innocent approach to TWG.  As a Human, he's rather aloof, but attentive.  His strategies are often the result of impulse and caprice, but they make the game interesting!

jake3343: THE WORST FATHER EVER!!!!!!!!!

Jub3r7: Another one of NSM's top Players (when he's active!).  I feel that Jub3r7 is the all around type of Player that makes an above average Human and an above average Wolf.  He's probably one of the few Players who stick with a more conventional playing style that does not include the common frivolity and ridiculousness among other NSMers.  Also a close friend of mine and super awesome.

Kman96: A precocious Wolf, but an average Human.  He needs to work on defending his humanity with arguments and evidence more, but nevertheless, an interesting Player.

K-NiGhT: An average Player; he makes an adequate Human and a communicative Wolf (which is something not commonly found among Wolf partners and greatly improves the Wolf team's performance!).

Liggy: He and I make a pseudo alliance at the beginning of each game for no reason.  He's also one of the better TWGers.  His strategies seem to focus on unconventionality and, although they often fail, they often win games on the occasions that they do.  Probably my closest TWG friend!  Too bad he doesn't like NSM TWG. :(

MaestroUGC: He's NSM's analytic and all-knowing Player!  Probably one of the best NSM TWGers.  I became good friends with him after the Melancholy TWG and we're frivolous.  A pretty cool guy.

master_gamer38: He likes Statistics and charts and stuff.

shadowkirby: Is he even playing in this game???

SlowPokemon: Definitely one of the better NSM TWGers when he's active.  When he's inactive, not so much though!  Though, I wish that he would put more effort and improve his arguing skills though.

spitllama: A Player whom I would fear if he were a Wolf.  He completely had me fooled in Another SBURB Session and performed (in my opinion) outstandingly as a Wolf.  He's also quite the intellectual (though, he never stops complaining about politics on Facebook!!!) and that intelligence has no exception in TWG either.

the_last_sheikah: I hosted his first game and found him to be a curious Player.  His strategies were very unconventional for a Human, but were very divergent and would be beneficial if used correctly.  I haven't really seen much of him to my recollection, but I'm sure that he'll do something spectacular soon.

Universe-X: An adequate Wolf and an above average Human.  He pops by in TWGs every now and then and spices up the games.  I've noticed improvement from his past performances and expect him to be an excellent TWGer in the future.

vermilionvermin: One of my LLF TWG pals!  His playing style is rather unconventional, nut I feel that he's probably one of the best TWGers I've seen.  As a Wolf, he's great at avoiding suspicion and as a Human, he's often able to catch a Wolf or two.  I'm glad to have him as one of my TWG friends.

Wrydryn: A friend of mine who I convince to play TWG every now and then.  He's certainly an above average Wolf and is a fun person to play with in games.

Zunawe: A Player that relies on conventional strategies and his wit to win.  I feel that his play style is exemplary of his disposition (a tech savvy, academic oriented adolescent) and hope he'll play, despite time constraints it would cause his AP classes!!!

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