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Page history last edited by Nighthawk 7 years, 4 months ago

Hi.  I'm Vermilionvermin.  I joined NSM in December 2011 because I was a friend of Mashi's from another site.  I'm known (or at least I'd like to think I'm known) for unconventional strategies.  I became TWC sometime in May 2012, and here I am!


Fun fact about me:  As of Snakes on a Plane, I've been the second person to sign up for 6 different games between here and LLF--and been a wolf in 5 of those games!


TWG XXIV:  Sauce is Pretty Coll - Wolf Painter:  This was my first TWG on the site.  I had what might go down as the worst luck in the history of wolves in TWG.  On Night 1, I was seered red and my wolfing was blocked, which wouldn't have been so bad if the game weren't designed to be an alliance game.  Cue the humans setting up an alliance.  Oh, and to top it off, my one and only wolf partner was lynched on Day 1 in a KitB.  I managed to survive two lynchings beyond that because there was a wolf painter.  This is probably my best performance on the site, but it ended in a Loss.


TWG XXV:  Minesweeper - Human:  This was, in my opinion, one of my stronger human performances.  Two of the wolves got themselves caught early through PM shenanigans which I took no part in, and I lived until near the end.  We lynched the third wolf because he was inactive and we suspected that the wolves were inactives.  Then we only had one wolf left.  I came up with an interesting ploy to claim guardian (with the permission of the guardian and psychic) and get myself wolfed so that we would be in a position in which it was impossible to lose.  So that one was a Win.


TWG XXVI:  Doctor Who - Human:  I was killed Night 1 in this game, so I didn't get to do much!  Loss


TWG XXVII:  Trick of the Trade - Wolf:  This was another one of my stronger performances, but with a much better result than my previous performance!  I came up with a plan to block one of my own wolfings to clear a teammate.  In his position of power, Bird was able to influence the lynches!  I wasn't suspected much though.  Win.


TWG XXVIII:  Pokemon Black and White - Human:  I think this one was worse than all my previous performances that I actually got to play.  I was suspected early by Bird, the alliance leader, who thankfully didn't kill me.  I caught a wolf sending a PM on the first night, so I think that alleviated suspicion on me.  I think this might have also been the first time I was described as "a rattlesnake with poor reading skills."  Looking back, had I not caught Swooper sending that PM, I probably would have lynched me.  I also defended a wolf!  I do that pretty frequently though.  Win.


TWG  XXIX:  The End of Zee Waruld - Human:  Wolfed Night 1 and team lost.  That's all I have to say about that.  Loss.


TWG XXX:  Disability Girls - Human:  Wolfed Night 1 and team lost.  Loss


TWG XXXI:  Just Another SBURB Session - Human:  See above.  Loss.


TWG XXXII:  I Want To Be A Princess - Human:  Honestly a pretty forgettable game on my part.  We got the Win anyways though.


TWG XXXIII:  Beat Those Eggs, Jimmy! - Werewolf Sonic:  I was the alliance leader, but I don't think I did a very good job.  It cost my team and we got the Loss.


TWG XXXVI:  The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Human:  This time, I lived past Night 1!  I pulled some shenanigans that involved fake accusations and trying to read the wolfings, and they didn't really amount to me getting anything good upon which to base a lynch.  So we ended up lynching an inactive because everyone seemed too human, and my team ended up winning!  Win.


TWG XXXVII:  Time for a History Lesson - Alexander the Great:  I was wolfed on Night 2, but I think I did a pretty good job until then this game!  There were claiming shenanigans in which FSM and Davy claimed the same role at the start of Day 1, and I claimed my role in order to clear it up.  I got claims from the remaining players, and was able to set up a succession so that the alliance was in safe hands after I died.  Mashi knew all the claims I had gotten, and I told him that I was pretty sure three of the claimers were wolves.  I was 3/3 on those predictions and the humans got the Win.


TWG XXXVIII:  SOAP - Master Wolf Shaman:  First wolf game since Trick of the Trade!  I think this was one of my better games.  SHENANIGANS happened Day 1 and we accidentally lynched the seer.  Then we killed a rando human, and then I ended up seering the last two specials!  I think my best move of the game was telling Socialfox, who had then claimed Doctor, to retract his claim.  I got lucky and was seered green by the seer, but overall it was a strong performance from all four wolves and we ended up getting the Win.


TWG XXXIX:  Perfect Apples! - Human:  I didn't do much this game.  The wolves missed a wolfing Night 1, I was part of a lynch day 1 on a seered miller, and then I got wolfed Night 2.  I answered a trivia question right but I think I was late.  Humans Lost.


TWG XL:  Uprising Madness - Guardian:  I had a pretty underwhelming performance this game.  Night 1 I knew who the wolfing was likely to be and made a decision not to guard him.  It turned out to be a good one, as the person wolfed was actually a wolf himself!  But Day 1 I went with the flow and lynched a fellow special because he had claimed wolf in order to gain wolf claims.  I tried to pull some shenanigans with Zunawe in order to get Socialfox or Sheikah killed, but I ended up dead myself because the two wolfing players had already met up.  But by that time I knew Socialfox was likely a wolf and told Bubbles, the alliance leader.  She elected to lynch Davy instead, which wasn't actually a bad call because he was the only other non-human left after I was wolfed.  But Bird completely fooled me that game.  Bird ended up wolfed on the same night I died, but Socialfox converted Bubbles and won, meaning the humans Lost.


TWG XLI:  Gotta Lynch 'em All! - Human:  Since I'm writing this a few weeks after the fact, I don't remember much from this game.  I know I died early (Night 2 I think?) and Bird says I was pretty active.  I did something involving checking when gregory had last edited his wiki page in order to help FSM's Who's Online Stalking.  And the humans Won after I died, so that's good!


TWG XLII:  Waluigi Time! - Host:  This was the first time I was a host on NSM!  It was largely hurt by Who's Online Stalking, and then the humans won.


TWG XLIII:  My name is Mephistopheles - Human -> Wolf:  I think I did a good job catching Socialfox as a wolf early in the game by confessing that I was a wolf to him and seeing if he would take it to the thread.  When he didn't, I lynched him and everything was great!  Unfortunately then I got converted to a wolf by Bird.  With this knowledge he lynched me and I Lost.


TWG XLV:  BOWSER'S BIG BLAST - Human:  I did a great job not picking exploding switches until the last day phase.  I also did a pretty bad job at picking lynches--until the last day phase!  Day 1 I pushed for a Kman lynch because I didn't think he was being honest when he said he would be OK with us lynching him, and the humans lynched BlackDragonSlayer instead.  Day 2 I wasn't sure what to do, and eventually we just ended up lynching Kman.  Day 3 I pushed for a Shadowkirby lynch instead of a Hakan lynch because I didn't think Hakan would be that inactive as a wolf.  Apparently it wasn't Shadowkirby either though!  On Day 4, the last day, I was torn between Mashi, who I felt was pushing a Blueflower lynch to a surprising degree, and Blueflower, who I felt was kind of the last suspect standing.  I ended up lynching Blueflower and we Won.


TWG XLVI:  Have It Your Way - :  I think this was one of my strongest wolf games.  We certainly had luck on our side with the green Mashi seering Night 1, but from there, I did a lot of lynch-pushing and a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make my partners look human if the humans ever turned on me.  I sent Mashi two sets of suspicion lists, one to reveal if I got seered/cardflipped red and one otherwise.  We Won.




TWG XLVIII:  72 Hours Remaining - Human:  The good news is that I did a good job getting wolfed Night 1 instead of someone with better powers.  The bad news is that the wolves played really well and made my team lose.  


Overall Record:  10-11


Wolf Record:  3-3


Human/Special Record:  7-8

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