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Page history last edited by davy 7 years, 3 months ago


TWG XXII, Theater: Human

One of my worst games. I got lynched during day 1 for voting for wry for a kind of ridiculous reason. Lost


TWG XXIII, Manhunt: Human

Although this game went better than Theater, I ended up making the wrong decisions by voting for SFK and Wry. Humans ended up losing because the host was the wolf. Lost


TWG XXIV, Sauce is pretty coll: Human

Voted for Locke during day one, because I thought he made a wolfish move by saying the traitor should claim, but than saying that wolves shouldn't claim to the traitor. Safetied on myself during day two, because I had no reason to vote for any other player. Got wolf'd during night 3 because the wolf thought that I was the guardian. However, we did Win


TWG XXV, Minesweeper: Human

Wolves made this game kind of easy for the humans, because two of them revealled accidently that they were a wolf, and the final one was found in proces of elimination due to a great move of verm. I liked this game much more than the ones I had before it, because it was the first time that I entered the human alliance. Win


TWG XXVI, Doctor Who: Guardian

This game became a disaster because I had to vote within 9 hours, so I voted for Mashi, without chance of removing my vote, which lead to Mashi's insta and my lynching next day. Lost


TWG XIXX, The End of Zee Waurld: Human

Fo rmed an alliance with blueflower at the begining of the game to prevend this game to become the same as Doctor Who, but that didn't quite work out. Lynched Mashi so that I would be able to find the wolves by their next lynching. However, humans became inactive and I were lynched during day 2. Lost


TWG XXX Disability Girls: Shizune (Human seer'd red).

I came up with a plan where hanako would claim publicy, so that humans could set up an alliance. I became the alliance leader from day 1 on and managed to lynch Dude (who was a wolf) unfortunately, Kman fake-claimed traitor to me, and to see if he lied or not, I decided to lynch sheikah. However, I forgot that the real traitor might have been working for the wolves, which he did, and caused the humans to Lose


TWG XXXIII, Beat those Eggs Jimmy: Human

Created two strategies, one which involved getting werewolf sonic to claim, and the other one revealing one of the fake claims. That probably was a reason for the wolves to wolf me. Lost


TWG XXXIV, Minecraft (not to be confused with Minesweeper): Herobrine

This game was pretty wolf sided. Blueflower and K-Night were lynched at the begining of the game, due to wolfish votes. I managed to mess up all of Jake’s seerings by using my painting powers. Our wolfing targets (Jake, who was guarded by an item, Dude and Gregory) helped the humans find the identy of  the wolves. However due to a PM of Maestro, Jake was infected and helped me allowing the wolves to Win


TWG XXXVII, Time for a History Lesson: Joseph Stalin (Wolf seer'd green).

I had the feeling that this game was pretty human sided, which caused me a lot of trouble. First of all, I had to counterclaim a role. This would have been extremely difficult had FSM not helped me by claiming his role. I thought of a strategy that would cause players to believe I actually had his role, although that would have meant that players should be very ignorant, and not notice Stalin's power. Before day started, Jub claimed wolf. I opted to claim to him because wolves had the disadvantage already, and jub could eighter be a wolf, or a human claiming to be a wolf. Unfortunately, he was the latter. When I heard that, I thought the game was already over, but thanks to K-Night, jub was killed day one. The drawback of this was that FSM had more time to figure out my strategy, which he did. Frightened that Mashi would figure out that I was the one who fake claimed, I opted to claim wolf to the topic. I obtained a total of 4 claimes, but I knew FSM's was fake and Sheikah's was true. However, I didn't know if Bubbles' or Kman's was true. I chose for Bubbles, which became fatal for me. I got lynched and my team Lost.


TWG XL, Uprising Madness: Viridi

I did pretty well this game. First, I succesfully fake claimed seer. Seccondly, I managed to find out my partner by day 1. Thirdly, I managed to seer SocialFox, which would have caused me to win the game had I not been lynched. Both of my partners were killed because their roles were found out, which meant that by day 2, I was the only player from my team left. I was lynched during said day phase because the alliance leader didn't trust me anymore, as she found out that Hades was still alive, which meant the real seer could have died. With no members alive, my team Lost


TWG XLIII, My Name is Mephistopheles Wolf

I wanted to use this game to involve a gimick that I designed for an earlier game that I wanted to host, but that was unfortunately cancelled. It worked out pretty well, however, FSM thought that it was a wolf strategy. I conceded, and during our argument, we revealled parts of the deal, which wasn't allowed, so we both got kicked and my team Lost


TWG XLIV, The Pokemon League Rival (a wolf seered green)

I made my pokémon team based on pokémon that would help me set up a pseudo-alliance and make the humans think that I'm a human. It worked rather well, even so well that the other wolves (wolves didn't know eachother from the start of the game), decided to insta me. However, Mashi took control of the game so the wolves won


TWG XLVIII, 72 Hours remaining: Human

FSM  dec ided to modify the game during host sign-ups, which caused the game to change from human sided to a game where humans would have a lot of trouble setting up. With no real way to play the game the way I like, I decided to drop out. Humans eventually Lost


TWG L, Zombies: Wolf Shaman

I played really well this game. First of all, I fake claimed seer. This a


Human win to lose ratio: 2:7

Wolf win to lose ratio: 3:2

Other win to lose ratio: 0:1




XXX: For doing an adequate job as alliance leader.

XXXIV: For controling the game along with my wolf partners.


L: For seeming to be the wolf that was calling the shots and for being a really convincing seer.

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