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"A pretty cool guy."

- Mashi


Games Played: 11 - 7:6

TWG's V, VII, VIII, XVII, XX, and XXI: 4:2

Man, I did not take these games seriously. I was a human for all of these games, and I think I might've been the seer for one, I'm not too sure. Either way I didn't invest into the TWG concept during this period and played rather poorly.


TWG XXXII - I Want to be a Princess: Wolf - Defeat

My first game real game of TWG, in so much that I actually played and contributed to the game. This was my first game as a wolf, with my partners being Jub3r7 and Raymondbl, and I let them take point on this game. Jub died as the result of a 4-way KitB, and so the mantle of command largely fell on Raymondbl. Unfortunately he was seered red the following night, and an insta killed him quickly. Not know much about anything, I wolfed Verm because he seemed largely ineffective, so it would keep people off of my scent. I saftied on somebody who wasn't playing (mainly because I confused K-Night and Kman, confusion is going to be a running theme in my votes and convictions) and thus got myself a phantom. I wolfed Spitllama Night 4. I survived a KitB with Wrydryn (another recurring theme) and wolfed Sheikah after he said that the guardian was dead. Dude voted for me during the last day and broke the tie between myself and Blueflower. A loss for the wolves, but not for a lack of effort and some bad luck.


TWG XXXIII - Beat Those Eggs Jimmy!: Egg Burst - Victory

My second TWG, and my second time in a row as a wolf, more patterns! And right off the bat, we were slammed with problems yet again as Verm seer'd me redWe had devised a plan were Kman would counterclaim as the seer, but Verm had a plan to discover the truth. He had both of the seers seer me, but Kman was able to feign ignorance due to no computer access. We were still planning strategy so when this came out we were able to plan around my death. At the last moment, we were able to get a KitB between myself and Slow and I survived. I helped coach Kman as he dealt with Verm, further cementing his trust in him. I wanted Kman to seer both blue and Jub, who were the other blues, but I was outvoted and later we wolfed davy. Kman was able to pursuade shadowkirby that he was the real seer, and he proved to be a valuable asset as he trusted the fact that I was human. Another KitB later, this time with blue, I survive and we wolfed Jub3r7. Kman was able to manipulate Verm and Shadow by claiming the seering results were red. This was all we needed to slide in for the kill; Verm started getting the ball rolling by placing the first vote against shadow, SFK the second, Kman third. With one final post from shadow revealing the startling truth, I place the last vote for the insta. A rousing wolf victory!


TWG XXXIV - Minecraft Zombie - Victory

Third game, third time as a wolf in a row. Man, gotta love patterns. This time I tried a different approach by playing a more social game. I largely stood back in the thread, with most of my interactions happeneing in the chat with jake and Mashi. We chose the wolf jake because he seemed middle of the road enough to start with, the fact that he had the rose and was the seer only served to our benefit. I was able to stay in both Mashi and jake's view all game, and managed to get jake to trust me enough to tell his plans. How things unfolded in the game didn't really matter because of this, jake would tell me who he'd seer and we'd paint accordingly to throw him off. After a while he started to doubt me, so I gave him the neccessary impetus to push a lynch on me. By lynching me, and I knew he didn't have the diamond armour because he told me, I infected him. Sure, I died, but it ensured a wolf victory since nothing could stop the wolves anymore, they lost their leader. Another wolf victory!


TWG XXXV - Professor Layton Human - Victory

My first stint as a human, and my most succesful game yet. After Slow was wolfed, FSM, a newcomer, claimed as seer, followed by spit counterclaiming him. Right off the bat I doubted spit's claim because his reason s for the late claim didn't add up. He's an experienced player and the way he was trying to talk circles around FSM came off as an attempt to gain trust through eloquence. What he was actually saying didn't match up to his supposed intentions. Needless to say he was lynched. Day 2 my eye was drawn to shadow; we were looking around for leads when I thought about inactives. Shadow is a largely silent player, yet I noticed he was being a bit more vocal this time around, marginally so, but enough to trip a flag for me. I was working on the theory that while a wolf may be silent or "inactive" they'd want to keep an eye on the action to be able to jump in if htey were forced to. I posted in the thread something to get shadow out of hiding; if he ignored it then I'd know he doesn't care and is most likely human. He came running. It may have been flimsy proof, but at that point somebody needed to be lynched so I pushed for it and succeeded. Day 3 nad we seemed to be stuck once again. No big leads presented themselves, but I found Jub suspicious through his posts pleaing with the wolves to keep Mashi alive. This seemed a bit backwards as he always waited until just before the phase ended to say something, long after a wolf would normally kill somebody. Later he became active and on track out of nowhere, unprompted and attempted to look as if he was just late to the party. I didn''t buy it for a second and ppushed for a lynch against him. He tried to pursuade me otherwise late in the phase, but his stories never added up and he was lynched at the last moment. My first game as a human, and another solid victory!


TWG XXXVI - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Wolf - Defeat

This was an atypical performance. It was myself and Dude against 9 humans. From the start I propsed a plan to throw everybody's names into random.org and just go down the list with our wolfings. Dude said "Ok, I'll just watch." and that was the last I heard from him all game. The first wolfing worked, because I managed to kill a removed player from the main group of activity and that seemed to throw off the humans. It eventually lead to a KitB between Slow and Dude, two inactive players which ended up with Dude dying. I was left to solo the game, a task which I felt would be done better had I went into the game with a strategy. 8 against 1, I just set out to create as much random chaos and confusion as possible, while sticking to my list. Eventually Mashi finally decided to speak out against my ruse and explained his thoughts on my behavior all game. His assumptions mostly correct, I happily aquiecsed and turned myself in. Yeah, my first loss as a wolf, but I set out to do something different, winning would've just been a bonus. Mashi and I are now good friends after all of that frivolity and Kart it up every now and then. A sound defeat by a worthy adversary!


TWG XXXVII - Snakes on a Plane Seer - Defeat

First time seer, first time quitting. Didn't do much the the way of actually playing, granted I was pretty burned out by the point. Got a one game ban due to my behavior.



Human Victories: 5

Human Defeats: 3

Wolf Victories: 3

Wolf Defeats: 1

KitBs: 3

KitBs Survived: 3

Honors and accolades: N/A


Games Hosted: 1

TWG XXXVII - Time for a History Lesson Human Victory

This was the first game I hosted and it went off without a hitch. It was a Super TWG and from a hosting point-of-view it was very successful. The game started off rather excitingly with 3 different plans going on. Firstly Davy was counterclaiming FSM in an attempt to look human; Jub3r7 claimed wolf in an attempt to get the wolves to claim to him; and vermillionvermin tried to get everybody to claim to him and find the wolves from the counterclaims. From here the wolves were found quickly by verm, as he used what Jub found and his own cunning and told Mashi to lead the charge after his death. The wolves had a great chance to win this game, but they made too many mistakes and were far too trusting to be effective. This game also featured Bubbles as a Rising Star, for her brilliant deception/trolling of the_last_sheikah allowing the humans to stay one step ahead of the wolves during end-game.

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